Spring is on its way!

This last weekend was amazing. The Cotswolds was bathed in glorious sunshine for the WHOLE weekend. It really did feel as if spring had arrived. We spent it stuffing out faces, we began by visiting Stroud’s famous Farmers Market, and oh boy, it’s not hard spending money there! There are hundreds of different cheeses, fresh & cured meats, warm baked breads and pastries all of which looked very tempting indeed. My favourite stall of them all has is the gentleman who sells freshly made doughnuts. Wow these are tasty especially the cinnamon and brown sugared ‘paws’. From there we ventured out to have a cup of coffee in the sunshine, then moved on to wine at the pub while taking in spectacular views over Stroud. Finally we decided that the best way to end a lovely day would be to have a BBQ (a.k.a a braai!)



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