Anna & David

Anna contacted me a few weeks back asking me to take some pictures of her and David in their new home! She’d recently tried to put something together for Dave and soon realised that she had no pictures of the two of them together that didn’t have David’s extended arm in the corner! David is a photographer himself and so has taken many beautiful pictures of Anna but didn’t have many of David. They’ve recently bought themselves a beautiful home that they’re currently doing up! I must say that this house was fabulous! When Anna opened their front door I couldn’t quite believe how massive it was! It was completely deceiving from the outside! Anyways- Anna thought this was a great opportunity for me to come up and take some pictures of the two of them!

I love the attitude in this picture below!

I couldn’t get over their entrance floor! It’s amazing, I’d love to have something just like this for a room in my own house one day!!

I just love this black and white one of Anna!! The light from the front door caught her perfectly!

Anna and Dave- I hope you have many years of happiness in your lovely home! May it be filled with love and laughter!

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