{Week One} My Life In Pictures

This last year I saw a photographer challenge herself to take 100 pictures in 10 weeks, so basically 10 pictures a week. Every Tuesday she would share her pictures that she snapped during that particular week of just arbitrary things that caught her eye or inspired her in some way. I’ve decided to take on this challenge as well. I personally think that it’ll motivate me to keep a constant eye out for things that might naturally be missed. This can be anything from a vibrant colour to a cool design, texture, quote or just simply things I’ve done during the week. The other great thing about this challenge is that I always have to carry my camera with me! It will no longer be brought out just on weekends!

This week was my first week. It was surprisingly harder than I thought. When I first contemplated taking on this challenge I thought it would be a piece of cake because I’m always taking pictures, so I’m bound to catch something right?! Ha- no! But in all honesty it really has made me stop and look at things differently.

Below is Week One:

This little chap (a Finch of some kind) crashed into the side of my head while we were cooking on the BBQ this last weekend. At first I thought it was attacking me for some reason, but when he settled on the ground next to my foot we all decided that something must be wrong. When we picked him up it looked as if he’d flown into something and completely wrecked his right eye! It really looked awful. We put him under some shelter, gave him seed and water wondered whether he’d be able to cope with just one eye but within a few minutes he had flown off. Let’s hope he’s alright.

Some lovely tulips that my wonderful fiancé gave me!

It is only January but the shops are stocking some pretty spring flowers- lilac anemones and hyacinths! I loved the contrast between the purple flowers and the tartan on the chair behind.

I love vibrant nail varnish colours! Can you wear hot pink, turquoise or orange in winter?

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ has been playing on my mind recently and I’m trying really hard to always keep this in mind with everything I eat. I don’t want to be a beige and insipid individual, therefore I’m staying away from beige and insipid foods: crisps, white bread, potatoes, pasta, cake etc. I will only eat things with strong colours and flavours. I’m feeling so much better for it. This papaya reminded me so much of Malawi when I ate it.

There is nothing better than receiving a hand written note in the post. I must admit that the only mail I tend to receive are bank statements (which remain unopened in a heap in the corner of my room) and either Boden or Joules catalogues so I was pretty happy when I received this from my sister BUT it’s not the only reason why I took a picture of it. This particular card brought back so many memories. It might not look like a great piece of art but it did win an art competition that my school held. It’s a picture I did when I was 8 (a water colour of a flower in case you hadn’t guessed!). My piece of work was chosen to be made into a card and sold for charity. My sister must have kept this for over 10 years. How cool! I love random things like that!

My fiancé and I went into town for a coffee today. I, like many other people I’m sure, have decided to try and cut down on the amount of coffee I drink. It’s my second love. So when it came to ordering I thought I’d be good and go for a herbal tea. I ordered green tea. I have never  tasted anything so foul in my life. It smelt like a slimy steamed fish pond and tasted like the food you’d feed to guppies. Never will I EVER order something like that again. I think I’ll stay with my regular Guatemalan filter coffee… 🙂

I’d like to follow this advice by Mark Twain (picture taken on an Iphone)!

I’ve been meaning to photograph this chipping paint for sometime now. I finally did it. I love the colours!

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