Positano, Amalfi

Travelling and holidays for my husband means going off the beaten track. When he decided on the Amalfi coast for our honeymoon, we knew we didn’t want to stay in all the typical honeymoon hotels in the area and so chose quaint B&B’s away from the tourist routes. This meant that we got to mix with the locals, and see what local life was like for those who live in Positano.

We mixed it up by staying in two places, one in the centre of town and one slightly out of town. One thing we came to realise staying in Postiano was that you needed to be fit. The whole town was built on the side of the mountain, so heading down the hill for the day was easy but coming back home at the end of the day or at the end of a meal was quite exhausting but at least by the time you got home you felt you’d worked off your dinner and drinks. Public transport was available if you wanted an easier option but, of course this was quite a popular choice for tourists which meant long queues.

There was an abundance of restaurants serving the most amazing seafood, pastas and pizzas right in the centre of town but also some amazing places slighting out of town. Many of the restaurants provided a taxi/bus service picking up guests from different hotels and dropping them off at the end of the evening. I really wouldn’t recommend hiring a car, parking is a nightmare and the whole town is one big one-way system. If you did want to have the freedom of moving around, hiring a mo-ped is a good option.

We spent a few days heading to Lorenzo beach which you had to catch a boat taxi too. This was my favourite beach. It had a lovely relaxed atmosphere with sun loungers, cocktails and only a limited number of people which was perfect for my husband (and to be honest, me too!). This beach seemed to attract more couples than families. One of the days we hired a little boat, which meant we could go and explore small coves and beaches to our hearts content (make sure to take a seasick tablet before heading out!). One thing to bear in mind if do plan to hire a boat is that the Italians aren’t too keen on tourists mooring on the shore, they’d prefer you to anchor slightly out to see (just make sure you can climb back into the boat though, I found this quite tricky when we realised our step ladder was a bit faulty).

Capri is not very far away either, a fun extra to add on to your trip if you wanted to extend your holiday. There are lots of transfer boats from Positano to Capri, as well as on to Naples which is the most likely place you would fly out of. Capri is picture book pretty. Lots of luxurious boats, homes, restaurants and if you’re a jewellery magpie like me, you most definitely won’t be disappointed even if it is just window shopping!!

Here are just a few pictures from our honeymoon. We can’t wait to go back to finish exploring, seven days was just not quite long enough, we would also have liked to extend our time in Capri rather than just spending the day there.


Honeymoon-45 copy
Honeymoon-38 copy
Honeymoon-33 copy
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Honeymoon-19 copy
Honeymoon-62 copy
Honeymoon-69 copy
Honeymoon-70 copy
Honeymoon-74 copy
Honeymoon-76 copy
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