Chocolate Popcorn

I had this sudden rush of blood to the head the other night whilst watching TV. I really felt like popcorn but wanted something a little different. Normally when we go to the movies I’ll always ask for a mixed box of popcorn, I love the combination of sweet and salty. Not entirely sure how the movies houses make their sweet popcorn I started having a look around on Pinterest for some inspiration on different flavours. I suddenly came across chocolate popcorn and this was exactly what I felt like. We’re typically dairy free in the house, but there is always some dark chocolate stashed away in nooks and crannies. To my delight I remembered that my husband had bought some dark chocolate a few weeks ago which had been a little too dark for his liking so donated it to my cooking cupboard. This was perfect, I clearly was supposed to be making chocolate popcorn as I miraculously had all the ingredients – corn kernels, dark chocolate and salt. 

I’m sure we’ve all made popcorn the old fashioned way without a microwave – a pot (with a lid!), oil and salt. I prefer the flavour of popcorn made on the stove, less plastic tasting. While the popcorn was popping, I melted the chocolate ready for dipping. There was a lot of advice on the technique for covering the popcorn in chocolate – don’t dump a whole lot in the chocolate but simply one at a time, don’t leave the popcorn sitting in the chocolate to too long, and make sure to let all the excess chocolate drip away before placing it on grease proof paper. I tried to follow these instructions as much as possible but it did get to point where doing one piece of popcorn at a time got a bit much. I then proceeded to put the whole lot in with the chocolate give it a stir and then spread them out on the greaseproof. This did mean that the popcorn wasn’t completely covered in chocolate but actually this turned out to be a bonus. The chocolate I’d used was 85% cocoa which meant it was really bitter. In hindsight, a mix of dark and milk chocolate would’ve been a safer option so the fact that the chocolate wasn’t completely encasing the popcorn was great. I then sprinkled the chocolate popcorn with rock salt. 

I think if I was to try this all over again there are quite a few different finishes that I could try for variety – mixture of chocolate and caramel, chocolate and pistachio dust, dried raspberries, white chocolate with limoncello etc. This would make quite a nice foodie gift at Christmas especially if wrapped in festive paper! 

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