Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, will know that I have an absolute passion for photographing flowers! I love it when florists start ordering in spring flowers, especially after all the gloom of winter – January and February are the hardest months as nature is at its worst – so little choice of flowers and so little colour. When we’re surrounded by grey outside, I feel all we need to do is buy a colourful bunch of flowers to brighten up a little corner in the house (that and a candle can do marvellous things for the soul!). We live above a florist which is really handy because I get to keep an eye on all that is arriving in the early hours of the morning – tulips have started and so have the daffodils and narcissi. I’m heading downstairs this afternoon to grab a bunch. I have an arrangement in mind that I’d quite like to try out. 

I was needing some colour this morning and remembered I’d taken pictures of some outstanding coral peonies over the summer. I thought I’d quickly share them with you. I used my micro lens to get to some shots of the beautiful detailing at the centre. I love the papery looking petals – so soft and delicate. To me, they look like they’ve all been made out of tissue paper!

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