Beth and Jo

Photographs are a wonderful way of keeping moments alive, and even more so with children. I don’t have any myself but my niece and nephew are growing up so fast. We don’t leave it too long between visits to see them, but they just seem to grow before our very eyes. Beth and Jo are so patient as I’m forever asking if I can take pictures them. I’m sure my sister doesn’t mind – I’ve noticed she has a few of the images below framed in her new home. 

These images were taken on one of the hottest days of the year. My parents live right on a common and we decided to take a family walk which was a bit silly considering how hot it was. We walked from tree to tree taking shelter in the shade, it really wasn’t a long walk at all. I love the feel of these images – they’re natural and evoke the fun relaxed atmosphere we had while out and about. This is exactly the type of photographs that I love. I like to be part of the family and snap life as it is. Not staging it and posing people especially children. 

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