Bunch of Grapes

We are really lucky here in Bradford on Avon as we have an abundance of fabulous restaurants but one of our favourites is a pub called the Bunch of Grapes. This pub has a French theme with outstanding food and wine, and the decor is absolutely stunning too. It’s a great pub for a long lunch, especially their Sunday lunches. My mouth has just started watering while thinking about it. 

A few months ago, a local food photographer / instagrammer hosted a workshop at this pub. Matt Inwood is someone I’ve been following for years. His images are always so colourful and interesting to look at plus he’s worked with some really big names in the industry. I was so excited to hear that he was hosting a workshop and instantly signed up. I wanted to learn everything I could about taking photographers like his. 

The most amazing thing that I found out from his workshop is that he doesn’t use any professional equipment to take his images. Everything is taken and edited on an iPhone and specifically Instagram. How amazing (and cheap!!) is that? He has an abundance of fabulous plates, pieces of cloth and cutlery. I’ve been buying random plates ever since! 

Here are a few images from the day, to be honest – I’m thrilled with how they came out. The Bunch of Grapes has amazing light, and wooden tables etc – it’s perfect for creating an interesting images. 

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