I do love macarons, and there was a time where I was addicted to making them. So much so, that I decided to make macarons for my wedding favours. I made three different flavours per guest which doesn’t sound too bad but when you think that there’s two shells per macaron, I had 720 of these delicate things to make. It was quite a while after our wedding before I could eat a macaron or even consider making some again.  

My love for macarons started when my mother and I went to the Luxury Bridal Show in London and met Anges de Sucre. Her macaron towers were incredible and so, so colourful. Her flavours sounded delicious and quite tropical. I could have literally tasted my way through every single one of them. When I heard that Anges de Sucre was opening up a small shop in Kensington, I asked my husband-to-be if we could please head to London so that I could purchase some. The boutique was so pretty – a photographers dream. 

Below are a few pictures I took of the macarons that made it home. It was a close call… as a lot were eaten on the way home!

And just a couple from lunch…

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