I found the above quote online and I feel it sums me up perfectly. Many of my friends and family would agree that I am not the loudest, chattiest person in the world but rather someone who loves to sit back and observe the world unfolding around them. I love to people watch imagining the sort of life they live and capturing their everyday life in a creative way. These moments that I capture are my contribution to conversations, my contribution to how I feel about a topic, event or place, my images speak for me, they are my words, and “everything to do with the way I see them”.  It brings me joy capturing moments, places, details that are often so easily missed because people don’t stop to notice them. I often hear from my husband that when I photograph things I make them look better than they are but I don’t think this is the case.

 I try to see the beauty in everything I capture and try to show this beauty off to its full potential making you, the observer, see things that you may never notice.I am not a photographer that is defined by the topic of my photos. I love capturing the special moments of a bride and groom, but also the joy and excitement of families, traveling new destinations, and bringing my camera into the kitchen whenever I or any family member are making a delicious meal. 

I may have a quiet nature but my love for colour, patterns and beauty is fierce

You will often find me with my camera wandering around the beautiful town of Bradford on Avon where I live with my husband in our cute period apartment. Do follow me on Instagram if you want to see more everyday pictures of all things that inspire me.